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Steppin' into ADE

ADE is right around the corner and we wouldn't be Steppin' if we didn't seize this opportunity to showcase what we do: uniting the local music culture. Thursday, 14th of October we're hosting a special event for ADE: a walk-in magazine.

This first year has been amazing so far. All the love we've received from bringing together people to illustrate what dope music is being produced in the Netherlands. From the radio shows, the Mixed Feelings DJ mixes, international track premieres and the event at the Vondelpark; on all fronts Steppin' is reppin' and we're grateful for that.

The next step takes place on Thursday during Amsterdam Dance Event. As the blog is the nucleus of our passion and labor, we're bringing it to life as a walk-in magazine. The recently opened bar Sissi's has been so kind to provide us a space where we'll be hosting interviews, a film screening, the art of sampling sessions and–of course– live performances.

With so much happening in the music scene here, we've carefully curated our timetable, which looks like this:

12:00 Mo Wrights & Lucas Benjamin (Steppin' Into Tomorrow - Radio show)

13:00 ODAIRA (live set)

14:00 Sampling Is An Art with Leroy Rey

15:30 Kotokid (live set)

16:30 Kid Sublime (sit down session)

17:45 Jelee (live set)

18:45 Franky Douglas (sit down session)

20:00 Floatmonki (live set)

21:00 Arp Frique (sit down session)

22:15 QUANZA (live set)

23:15 LYMA (live set)

Quite the line-up, don't you think?

We invite you to come join us at Sissi's and celebrate music with us! As with bookstores, you can just come around and open up the walk-in magazine for free. You can find the Facebook event here and read bout the artists below:


A producer, radio dj/host, drummer, video/photographer and cooking fanatic. ODAIRA serves eclectic dishes with a spicy but fresh blend of raw organic sounds mixed with smoking hot sample chops and some refined live instrumental recordings straight out of his kitchen. His productions have a distinct bite to it, crunchy drums, sweet & sour chords and earcandy delay's. A man that knows his sampler like a chef knows his knife.

City: Enschede


"Sampling?" "That's not real music, those aren't real musicians!"

We heard that all too often, even in recent years, but we're here to tell you, sampling is an art. And to reinforce this statement, we asked DJ, beatmaker & record nerd, Leroy Rey to dissect a track from "The Low End Theory" (A Tribe Called Quest) & "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" (Black Sheep), two landmark albums, each released exactly 30 years ago.

City: Utrecht

kotokid - LIVE SET

Producer and bass player kotokid brings together 80ies jazz fusion, modern hip hop and alternative r&b. Using a variety of analog synths, drum computers and samples, he renders undiscovered environments. Improvisation and composition exist as equals in his music, and the same goes for melody and harmony, versus sound design.

City: Amsterdam


Picture by Leslie Wilkes

We sit down and talk with one of Amsterdam's most prolific producers of the past 20 years. Kid Sublime. We’ll dive into the Kid’s journey up til’ now, chop it up about what’s new in his life & listen to some ‘sclusies from his latest production. Jacob Otten, who most people know as Kid Sublime is, by all means, no new kid on the worldwide block. A pianist, drummer, deejay and full-time record producer, Kid Sublime IS music. His first release dates back to 2001 and he’s been deejaying in clubs across the globe, crafting records for hip-hop and soul music's finest vocalists, producing underground House and Techno anthems for the clubheads and co-founding the Amsterdam based Ballroom Radio Records.

City: Amsterdam


Inspired by the worlds in retro video games, the freedom within jazz and the possibilities on how you can make music these days, Jelee is making his own little audio-driven universe. He is always trying to reinvent himself, making sure every performance he does is unique and every tune he brings out is more than just a tune.

City: Amsterdam


Picture by Tijmen de Nooy

Host: Lucas Benjamin

Curacao-born guitarist and composer Franky Douglas is the man behind notorious bands such as Reality, Solat and Sunchild, but is also a sought-after sideman in bands that blend jazz with African and Caribbean influences, such as Louis Moholo's Viva La Black, Sean Bergin's MOB and Wolter Wierbos' Funky World. In 1994 he received the VPRO/Boy Edgar Prize.

City: Amsterdam


Floatmonki’s music tells vocalist and composer Donna van Dijck’s intimate stories of rebirth, exploration and ardor, all rooted in a jazz-fusion framework. Their debut full-length album ‘Body No.1’ was released in March 2021 with Amsterdam-based label Wicked Wax. Body no.1 is an autobiographical album in a lyrical sense and a musical blend between jazz-fusion, prog-rock and futuristic elements of soul. Never losing the power of the song, forever searching for new formats to mold into. Floatmonki is the contradiction that is life itself; beautiful, and at times raw and in your face.

City: Amsterdam


Host: Timothy Vandeputte

One of our favorite artists is releasing a new album called 'The Seed' and there's a movie to accompany the album. We show you part of the movie and sit down with Niels (aka Arp Frique) to talk about the creative process behind his music and the movie as well as his inspirations.

City: Rotterdam


Quincy Fung-Loy, known mononymously as QUANZA, is a Dutch-Surinamese producer, guitarist, composer and Musicology student at the University of Utrecht. After hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time, QUANZA began teaching himself how to play guitar at the age of thirteen. A few years later Flying Lotus had the same effect on him, which started his journey as an electronic music producer. His eclectic musical vocabulary resonates through his productions as he combines live instrumentation with electronic music. As a result, his music fuses different aesthetics that range from Electronic Jazz to Avant-Garde Hip-Hop.

City: Utrecht


As an Amsterdam based artist, producer and singer-songwriter LYMA (Tjerk Lammers) has been turning heads since his first release “In Between Shifts” . LYMA presented his taste for rhythms and melodies that resonate by its originality and broad sound palette. “His diverse body of work sometimes feel similar to artists like Steve Spacek, Taylor McFerrin or Jordan Rakei. Not because he sounds like them, but because he developed his own brand of electronic soul. Just as they did.”

City: Amsterdam


On his days off, 32-year-old Tijmen de Nooy wanders the streets of Amsterdam and snaps whatever passes with a keen eye for light, shades and detail. If you've followed the Steppin' blog, you've come across some of his work, as Tijmen shares the same musical passion as we do and we're ever grateful that he captures the countless radio shows, interviews with Frankie Douglas, Ronald Snijders, places like Cornerstore, FEED and events. He truly knows how to encapsulate moments with his pictures, snapping the shots as a fly on the wall. A real-life walk-in magazine wouldn't be there if there weren't any of these pictures, which is why he showcases them to you. On occasions, Tijmen's been joined by Leslie Wilkes aka Hot Sauce Visuals to add a new perspective by the audiovisual element on top of his photography.

City: Amsterdam


James Brown
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