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Steppin' presents: ROSEYE

Updated: Jan 12

In this insightful interview with Tallulah Rose, the creative force behind the band ROSEYE, we delve into the band's foundation, their artistic journey, and the profound message woven into their music. Originating from diverse musical backgrounds, the members of ROSEYE found common ground in their shared love for music, fostering a bond that transcends their relatively short time together. As ROSEYE flourished into its current form, Tallulah reflects on pivotal moments, exploring the band's ethos, their journey together, and the deeper message they aim to convey - one of healing, authenticity, and the unifying power of peace and love - rounding off with their recent live session at Birdhouse Studios in Haarlem.

Tijmen de Nooy Photography

How would you introduce ROSEYE?

ROSEYE is essentially a collective of individuals brought together by our shared passion for music. Despite not knowing each other for super long, we have a strong connection as people, kind of like a family. In a way, everyone in the band is incredibly hardworking and devoted, in a way that's quite rare to find collectively in one group. While we may have diverse ways of working and varied musical backgrounds, our strength lies in our shared deep appreciation for a wide spectrum of music. This reflects in our sound, blending different musical influences into a cohesive and harmonious cocktail that works really well together. The uniqueness of our collaboration stems from our open-mindedness, providing space to explore and push boundaries. There's room for everyone in the group to express themselves individually and to have some freedom to bring their own self to it.  

We all share a belief in the power of revolutionary art to change the world.

The shared vision extends beyond mere artistic expression; it's about making a positive impact through our art. There's a lot of bad things that happen in the world. We collectively believe in the ability of music to heal and address the complexities of the world. It's a privilege to devote our time to creating art that not only resonates with people but also serves as a form of authentic expression. It's all about finding a way how we can make art that really helps and moves people and expresses something real, authentic, in combination of all these different energies.

How did ROSEYE come together & what has the journey been like so far?

ROSEYE's inception traces back to the individual musical journeys of its members, with myself starting my first band at the age of 14 in Scotland. Having a background in a musically inclined family, I attended music school from the age of eight and became a part of a choir, performing daily. At 16, I moved to Amsterdam to study at the conservatory, joining various bands over the years. 

The formation of ROSEYE originally began with different members, gradually evolving as people came and went. Joshi (Joshua Lutz, keys), was the first to join, along with another bass, drum & guitar player at the time. Later, I switched the bass player and Deb joined (Deborah Slijkhuis, bass). I think Kasparas (Kasparas Petkus, drums) and Julek (Julek Warszawski, guitar) joined at the same time. Over time, the lineup shifted until it solidified with the current members. Julek became a crucial force, contributing not only as a guitar player, but also in organizational aspects, helping the band move forward more efficiently.

The band's current formation has been stable for about a year and a half, during which we began writing music collaboratively.

The turning point came when something clicked, and the creative process became very enjoyable, and fun. 

How are you feeling at this point in your life, in your art?

At this moment, I find myself in an incredibly exciting phase, not just personally as an artist, but especially for ROSEYE as a band. The focus has shifted from individual pursuits to the collective journey we've been tirelessly pushing forward. The upcoming year promises a wave of excitement with a tightly woven connection between our releases and live performances. There's a few promising opportunities on the horizon, and we're gearing up for some significant developments. We're about to play at ESNS, release a new song on January 25th, perform at Club Dauphine on March 3rd, showcase our album at Tolhuistuin on April 24th, and much more. The recording of the album that’s planned to be released took place at Deb’s Studio in Zwolle, and we rehearsed a few times in Candy Dulfer’s studio at Q Factory. What a legend.

The trajectory we're on is undeniably positive, and what makes it even more special is the support we're receiving. It's a unique and exhilarating feeling to have people not just acknowledging our efforts but actively providing us with incredible opportunities. Throughout my entire music journey, I've rarely experienced this level of support. It's not just words of encouragement; it's tangible opportunities that can shape our growth.

This phase feels like a culmination of hard work, a clear vision, and the industry recognizing our potential.

As for me as an artist, I'm standing at a crossroads. Having gone through the traditional conservatory route for saxophone, I'm now redefining myself. While the final exam and administrative aspects were completed this year, I've transitioned from being a session musician, honing my saxophone skills, to embracing the role of a more holistic artist. My mindset is evolving, emphasizing the importance of expressing truths about humanity and life rather than solely focusing on perfecting my instrument. I'm discovering the diversity of my skills, allowing me to navigate various avenues - from being a session musician to engaging in studio sessions, gigging, and producing. It's a process of figuring out what truly drives me, where my passions lie, and how to balance making a living with pursuing my artistic energy. Fully immersing myself in the artistic process as a creative being.

Do you have a message you’d like to convey in your music?

Absolutely. I'm a very spiritual person, deeply invested in concepts of healing, authenticity, honesty, and personal growth. Exploring the complexity of the human experience is a significant part of my artistic expression.

The overarching message is about bringing people together, emphasizing the highest power and the strongest force – peace and love.

Admittedly, I may come off as a bit of a hippie, but I believe in sharing these values in a way that doesn't preach to others about what they should believe. It's more about connecting with those who resonate with my experiences and expressions. In the band and within the broader network of musicians and supporters, fostering connections is paramount.

I believe in creating a space where people can connect with each other, forming meaningful relationships and supporting one another. It's a blessing to facilitate these connections, and I find it incredibly special when people connect with the band's message and form a supportive community around our music. This, to me, is one of the most precious aspects of being a musician.


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