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Sykes delivers the message of hope with 'We And Us'.

Rotterdam-based vocalist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Sykes isn't one to pin down easily.

His inspiration came from soulful artists like Donny Hathaway & India Arie at an early age and went into the mind-bending sounds of the present day by the likes of Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Floating Points. With the above ingredients his versatile music makes complete sense and is a true delight to absorb.

Entirely written and produced by Sykes, the song is drenched in drum & bass influenced drums, jazzy piano melodies and his heartfelt vocals.

Sykes wrote ‘We And Us’ after a long conversation with a friend about religion, race and the systemic racism embedded as normal practice within our society. Reflecting on the meaning behind the song the talented artist says: “It’s about the deep divisions in modern society. A lot of tensions between people of all kinds of beliefs and political affiliations were surfacing at the time I was writing the song. I really wanted to write something that could resonate with hope. We have to respect each other and listen to each other based on trusting our good intentions”.

The 'We And Us' EP is set to be released on February 10th via the Fluid Funk label.


James Brown
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