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PREMIERE: ii - 'progress'

Amsterdam-based mystery duo ii (pronounced “I and I”) is here with their 2nd single.

The Amsterdam-based duo ii is built on a foundation of swervy bass lines and compelling grooves, with influences embracing anything from introspective contemporary hip-hop to futuristic textures of postmodern soul. Swerving between dreamy vocals and smooth raps backed up by experimental electronic sonic soundscapes they are building a sound that's definitely refreshing and soulful. You can never really get enough of that these days.

ii's happy to drape themselves in shadows

By balancing the experimental with the familiar, ii are uncompromisingly pushing their artistic vision. Creating a world where art is put back centre stage sonically and visually, while keeping it low key in terms of their personal identity.

First track off their three-track debut release called 'she' has seen the light of the day beginning November this year. The EP is meant to be an enigmatic yet personal musical journey through eclectic soundscapes, unconventional and cinematic. The first tune's called 'follow the crowd' and it's a dreamy treat that captured our attention right off the bat. At times perhaps even resemblant of the likes of Jai Paul (speaking of enigmas).

2nd track 'progress' continues to build on the vibe of 'follow the crowd', although they do take it up a notch with the bounciness and you may easily find yourself nodding your head to the rhythm uncontrollably. Progress sure feels good, don't it.

The project 'she' is planned to drop shortly and a 2nd official release called 'he' is already in the works, so we surely have something to look forward to.

Without further ado, 'progress' will officially drop this Friday December 3rd on the Netherlands based INI Movement label, but we got you with that early listen today right here:


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James Brown
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