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The Johnny Biner Trio is here with their first single 'Don't Ask Me'

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Amsterdam's current live scene is filled with young talents who don't just play in various groups but also start composing their own music. Guitarist Johnny Biner is one of those musicians. He's been playing instrumental parts in bands such as RADIOHOP, Amber Hunters, Le Dionisos, Duimalot, Jelte, Curtis Foster, and also did studio sessions for producers like Shamis, halfpastseven, and Soul Supreme. First, Johnny experimented with production as Sunburst Beats and now he's ready to launch his own trio with a first single and upcoming shows!

Johnny Biner, Kasparas Petkus, and Joel Svedberg. Picture by Arief Adityaputra.

The Amsterdam-based Johnny Biner Trio is a brand-new project led by guitarist/composer Johnny Biner, who is originally born in Frankfurt, Germany. His first instrument of choice was drums at the age of 7, but he quickly picked up guitar two years later. It was then, when he knew that this was it for him and that he wanted to pursue music for a living. When he turned 19, Johnny moved to Amsterdam to study at the Conservatory, and even though he received a scholarship invitation from the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, he decided to stay in the Netherlands. We're happy he made this choice, otherwise, this trio most likely wouldn't have come into existence today.

Back in October 2022, the project was launched with two live videos supported by RM Synergy, recorded in the tiny Treehouse studios at the NDSM area in Amsterdam and filmed by Arief Adityaputra. Their warmth was just what was needed to get through the winter days and I've had this video playing multiple times every week. Johnny kept busy in the lab and wrote more tunes right away. Since most of the projects he's been involved in had vocalists at the forefront, the need to explore instrumental compositions grew continuously.

"As I usually make music with singers or music that's vocal-based, I see instrumental music as a beautiful niche, as it creates a story through music, rather than text." - Johnny Biner

The sound they've arrived at is inspired by the golden age of the 1970s, jazz, funk, and the more current UK's broken beats. Their first single sets the stage and captures you right from the welcoming but mystique intro. Once the bass sets in you're slowly taken on a journey, and before you know it, dazzling guitar licks bounce around the ever-steady backbeat, with tempos arising quickly. The adventure closes the way it started, bringing you safely back home.

'Don't Ask Me' is out now via Wicked Wax and will get a limited 7" pressing on vinyl.


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James Brown
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