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LAZA closing a successful year off with one final introspective EP 'Reflections'.

After his collaboration with Gayance, who is living in Amsterdam now, on 'Nunca Mais' (of her forthcoming album on Rhythm Section), producer LAZA is set to release his second solo EP on Darker Than Wax. We're celebrating the release together at RadioRadio in Amsterdam November 17th. Feel free to join!

Triggered by warm harmonies, melodies and rhythms found all over the musical spectrum, Amsterdam-based producer/DJ LAZA developed a strong interest in music from a young age. Initially discovering his love for music behind the drums, he soon took an interest in sampling and beat-making when jazz and hip-hop came into play. Through DJing, later on, his musical style started to take a more electronic direction. With several features on compilations and releases on labels, the Reflections EP sees him collaborating overseas, expanding the reach of his sincere and experimental-yet-playful- music.

His first EP of this year released on the extended Steppin’ family label INI Movement saw LAZA explore house in its full capacity, chock-full of 808 sounds and complemented with a good share of nasty yet warm synths. On this EPs, his voice plays an integral part as an instrument on the tunes. The same goes for the new Reflections EP.

"Post-pandemic introspection" is what the label calls the driving inspiration behind this EP. We’re all for introspective inclinations in club and dance music, and LAZA brings these two elements together. We asked him about this specifically, to which he replied:

"Most of the EP was made during lockdowns. It’s not just that we weren’t able to go out that made me want to travel inwards with electronic dance music, but the EP itself is also a reflection on that time. Hence, ‘Dem Good Ol’ Days’." LAZA continues: "But it’s also a celebration of navigating through the conflicts or confrontations those times asked of me".

This is why there is a tune called ‘Doin Alright’ on there.

This week, we're celebrating the release together with LAZA at RadioRadio in Amsterdam. He'll play records of the EP, while also illustrating how he fits these with other selections. Together with Beraber and Mo Wrights, we'll be at RaRa November 17th.


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James Brown
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