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Mixed Feelings | KRETEK

A special guest-mix series where DJs are invited to create a soundtrack for tomorrow's days. Next up: The Amsterdam-based DJ KRETEK is taking us on an eclectic soulful electronic journey for the summertime!

Every Mixed Feelings podcast is accompanied by a few questions that provide a little insight into the DJ and the mix they've prepared for us and for you.

Which feelings do we find bottled in this mix?

You will find a nice rhythmic house summer vibe.

What message does the music you play convey?

Want to make people feel good by providing them with new and unheard music.

How is the mix reflecting your current music taste?

My current state right now is festival meets a needed sunny summer, so that's why the laid back house with some jazz influences are present.

Who should release a new album/EP already?

Nala Sinephro.

What's magical about music?

That it can change your mood and emotional state of being.

What is your main source for finding new music?

Streaming services, Bandcamp, Social Media, Vinyl diggin.

If the mix would be a soundtrack, what (kind of) movie/video/audio-visual content would support it best?

Probably drone shots over nice landscape with rocks and a beach.

First song sounds off beat but that's in the song. If you search my other music on Mixcloud you will see that I'm very versatile in my music, so I can even go higher in energy and rhythmic music.



  1. Roman Kultan - Is There An End

  2. Naja - 654

  3. Hagan - Royal Jams

  4. European 305 - Sosa Bosy (ft. Rastazaria)

  5. Atjazz - For real (Atjazz Remix (ft. E-Man, Rainy Payne)

  6. Dennis Ferrer - Underground Is My Home (instrumental)

  7. Lobby - The Return

  8. Galcher Lustwerk - Another Story

  9. Lobby - Slalom

  10. Marc Cotterell - Jazid

  11. Dennis Ferrer - Touched The Sky

  12. Marc Cotterel - The Trumpet Track


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James Brown
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