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PREMIERE: Angles Morts - 'Doobidida'

A couple of months ago we introduced you to this fresh new French band with their first-ever single, 'A+D'. Back then we also told you they were working hard on their debut EP, which is about to arrive real soon now. Time to bring you the opening track and showcase some of the finest new jazz talents from the French scene!

Angles Morts is a quartet from Marseille, France, and is their answer to the current UK jazz wave which combines elements of electronic music with 1970s adventurous fusion. The group was formed in the summer of 2020 and the exploration began that led to the recordings for their debut EP. The musicians that make up the band are Samuel Diouf (piano, synths, Fender Rhodes), Raphaël Thoreau La Salle (guitar, synth), Paul Philibert (bass), and Jérémi Martinez (drums, percussions). One of the first people who heard them was Fred Ficus, label head honcho of Dope Tones Records, and he immediately felt the quality of the group and was so kind to forward it to us as soon as he signed them. The label has already released some of our favorite recent French releases, by groups like Emile Londonien, Midva, and ACOUSMATICS. Their output completely resonates with what we like at Steppin', and I even hear similarities between Angles Morts and a group like RADIOHOP from Amsterdam. There's something in the air, and the new generation of musicians all seem to tap into it.

The five-track EP draws inspiration from electronic sub-genres like house, broken beat, drum & bass/jungle, and hip-hop, all morphed into one sound by the glue that is today's jazz. Angles Morts is a group that has the chops to play with virtuosity and keep you on the dance floor while you're trying to follow the adventurous arrangements. It's music that reflects certain eras of the past 50 years, while also really sounding like today with a fresh angle.

The full self-titled EP will be out on October 20th and will be released via Dope Tones Records.


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James Brown
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