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PREMIERE: Cratere Centrale - 'I Know My Kitchen'

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

What do you do when you love club culture but have a deep passion for Jazz? Well, you can ask two Sicilian guys; Dario Aiello and Andrea Normanno, who came together with Daniele Salamone and Cristiano Giardini and founded the group Cratere Centrale; a funk, jazz, hip-hop, tech-fusion group whose new track 'I Know My Kitchen' will have you dancing to sax and synth all night long.

Album Artwork

Listening to the track while at home in a Brighton Cafe, I look out the window and start people-watching. No one is static, everybody is walking from one side of the large panel windows to the other, each at different speeds with a different destination. And the music accompanies this vision perfectly.

With a multitude of instruments, different paces, and fluctuating tones, the track creates an exciting experience that keeps the listener on their toes. The same as my viewing experience, you don’t know what will come into the frame or what form it will be in, but there is a persistent stream of movement running through. The constant pedometer-like drumbeat supplies the pace of the piece, but as different instruments are introduced new characters are created, and my eye is redirected to each person as if it were choreographed. During the moments in the track where we are taken away from the pedometer-like beat, my imagination takes over, and I envision a flash mob. Everyone having their souls snatched by the groove and bursting into dance, to immediately return back to walking when the beat is reintroduced.

The mix of young vs old, club vs soul, is done so well by Cratere Centrale, that you are unguardedly faced with a range of different genres that lure you onto the dance floor.

Photography: Martina Squatrito

As for the rest of the album, simply from the titles, we can see how this is going to be a great personal introduction to the group. It’s as if someone has asked them, a series of questions and they have answered them through tracks.

Who are you? (4. Cratere Centrale) What do you like? (2. I Know my Kitchen) (3. My guitar) Where are you from? (1. Grooveland) (5. Catania experiment).

We’ve had a glimpse into the world of Cratere Centrale, and like a volcano seen something bubbling up, is this group ready to erupt?


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James Brown
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