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PREMIERE: Rosie From The Block - 'Let The Drum'

Rosie's been quite productive, she's already back with her second EP this year! Another installment of her love infection with the West London broken beat grooves sends us straight to the dance floor and into the night. With a track like 'Let The Drum' there's no doubt about what we have to be led by.

"Let the drum, speak the drum, overcome, where you from, no matter where you come from".

The Brussels-based multi-talented Roselien aka Rosie From The Block is becoming a familiar face here at Steppin'. Just a few weeks ago she recorded a mix for our Mixed Feelings-series and back in February we premiered a track of her previous EP Love Potions For Block Parties. She's got a huge love for soulful music and it doesn't matter if she sings it, plays it or produces it, we're here for it!

I've noticed that there aren't, or actually never been, many female producers that create this broken beat-type of sound. In the early days of the bruk scene in West London, it definitely was a small group of guys experimenting that led to its birth. Of course, there have been female vocalists or instrumentalists working with them, but we're talking production. With this article, I'd like to shout out women like Rosie who are the minority in this niche and deserve a much-needed light. Fortunately, she's not the only one. A few more noteworthy ladies who are killing it right now and (also) produce are Allysha Joy, Emma-Jean Thackray, Risa T, Shy One, and Anna Stubbs (Brotherly) aka Kinzoogianna. Let's hope this growth will keep going and more and more ladies get inspired to dive into this sound.

Rosie's Believe In It EP will be out on August the 12th via Phuture Shock Musik and they'll press an extremely limited amount of vinyl dubplates, so don't snooze!

Please make sure to let us know if you know about more women that are active in production of this type of sound. Certainly there has to be more than we named in this article and we are here for it!


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James Brown
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