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PREMIERE: Rosie From The Block - 'No Matter What'

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

One of Belgium's hardest working women in soulful music is back with a brand new project, and a new alias aimed at the dance floor. Taken from her Love Potions For Block Parties EP.

Rosie From The Block is a new moniker by Belgian singer, songwriter, producer Roselien. She first came to my attention back in 2018 with her single 'Loving', particularly the superb remix by king Kaidi Tatham. The love she has for soulful UK sounds took her to briefly live in London until 2020, where she still has a monthly radio show at Totally Wired Radio and made lots of appearances on the live circuit. Next to her own solo gigs, Roselien has opened up shows for people such as Bilal, The Jones Girls & others. Last year she dropped a couple of singles that led into the Seventh Ascension EP. She's been busy, that's for sure.

While her releases as Roselien tend to have a more laidback feel, these new tracks surely flip the switch, crank up the tempo and highlight her as a producer. 'You Are Loved', 'Let Me Be', and 'No Matter What' are rhythmically all deeply rooted in the UK broken beat aesthetic. They're not instrumentals though. Rosie came up with hooks, harmonies, and spoken word-esque phrases to get you locked in the groove and keep you on the dance floor till the last snare hits. As big ambassadors of the bruk sound, we're welcoming this new endeavor of hers. We can definitely say Rosie knows how to add her touch to this vibrant sound.

Love Potions For Block Parties is out now via Vice City.

Ps. We heard Rush Hour carries the 12", get 'em while you can!


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James Brown
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