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PREMIERE: Jerk - 'Father Sky'

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist/producer Jerk has been releasing singles, EPs, and albums since 2017, and found a steady home with the UK label DeepMatter Records for most of them. Being on the same roster with artists such as PYJÆN, Myele Manzanza, Paul Grant, OLI HOWE, Simon Jefferis only confirms that they are in the right place with like-minded souls.

Joshua Kinney aka Jerk is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York City. The rich jazz history of the city is something undeniable and always finds its way into the artists currently living there. Jerk is an artist who consistently incorporates that into their sound and they've been flirting with finding the right balance between instrumental beats and jazz-tinged compositional freedom and improvisation.

Some of their output was in a full band setting, with Joshua mostly on sax, but after we've all lived through the Covid years, it drove a lot of artists to dive deep inside themselves and go full-solo mode. The previous album Bloom was an example of that already, where Joshua played almost everything you hear on the album.

On the forthcoming EP, Jerk says:

“Limina is the latin word that liminal is derived from - meaning "a transverse, or a space between spaces". I wrote this music over 3 days in December of 2022 while I was locked in with COVID. My bedroom studio felt like a space detached from reality, and the music became an exploration of the space between dualities we experience - the space between the spiritual and grounded, the space between masculine and feminine, the space between an idea and a complete work.”

'Father Sky' is a beautiful mid-tempo groove with a beautiful chord progression and lush layered harmonies with piano, saxophone, synths, and vocals. With exactly 3 minutes this song is unfortunately over before you know it, but that's what the rewind button is for.

Like Joshua said: "It had this sort of addictive character where I could play it on repeat forever like a sort of constantly evolving spiral - I tried to make the rest of the instrumentation match that ever-evolving feeling, cascading until it reaches that final drop."

So best to keep it on repeat until the next single arrives.

The full Limina EP will be out via DeepMatter Records on June 15th and the single 'Father Sky' on Thursday, April 6th. But you can already listen to it here today!


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James Brown
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