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PREMIERE: Relly & Haze City - 'These Sounds'

Bristol-based MC Relly and producer Haze City team up for a true sound system-inspired type of banger that will surely be appreciated in and out of their hometown.

The UK's Bristol has always been known for its rich history in the sound system culture, and a strong emphasis on the low-end bass frequencies has been ever-present in the development of their latest sounds. From early reggae & dub to the exploding rave scene with drum & bass, jungle, and dubstep, Bristol just loves to feel their music deeply in its core.

MC Relly is a true Bristol native and someone who's been seen all over the city hosting events, performing, or mentoring in the community. As a lyricist, he's flexible and can deliver his flows on bass-heavy tunes but is definitely no stranger to that good 'ol boom bap as well. In 2018 Relly delivered a solid hip hop album with producer DJ Rogue that exemplifies the classic formula of sample-based beats with rhymes.

James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' was originally recorded in 1970 and is without a doubt one of the top 10 most-sampled-drumbreaks-of-all-time, but that doesn't mean those hard-hitting drums can't still sound fresh after more than 50 years. Cassé Records' label boss Haze City chopped up the kicks & snares in a brukked out pattern that makes the original JB's drummer Clyde Stubblefield's signature ghost-notes bounce around like never before. Combine that with classic UK-vibed ragga chants and bass lines that'll twist your insides and you have the title track 'These Sounds'. An instant dance-floor filler and beautiful blend of worlds, while still sounding authentically British. Just the way we like it over here across the pond.

The These Sounds EP will be out on March 26th via Cassé Records.


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James Brown
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