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PREMIERE: Steady Weather - 'Robert St'

The Melbourne-based duo Ben Grayson and Tamil Rogeon have joined forces for this soulful dance floor project that oozes joy and liberation. The two Australian heavyweights have been involved in a broad spectrum of incredible music for the past 20 years and Steady Weather is no different. The Singapore/New York-based label Darker Than Wax has been a staple in soulful electronic music for the past 10 years and it's good to see them expanding the roster with this project.

The brand-new Steady Weather project exists of keyboardist/producer Ben Grayson and violinist/producer Tamil Rogeon. Both are Melbourne-based, multi-instrumentalists, deeply engrained in their local scene where they've played integral parts with artists such as The Bamboos, Lance Ferguson, Menagerie, and Harvey Sutherland. Both musicians have achieved a versatile skill set, played and composed music in a wide range of styles, and produce themselves as well. Key players in the Aussie game, so to speak.

Tamil Rogeon delivered the fantastic Son Of Nyx album in 2021, which is where he brought his violin playing into majestic fusion-esque compositions and beautiful storytelling. Such as the hauntingly mesmerizing tune 'Momus'. If you dig 1970s Jean Luc-Ponty stuff, then this album will surely blow your mind. It's been on my playlist since it dropped, and I keep going back to it. Highly underrated and deserving of a lot more ears.

With this new project, its main purpose is to deeply move you on the dance floor while also get magnified by captivating details and warm & solid grooves. The album features vocalists Allysha Joy, Rita Satch, and Kylie Auldist, three of Australia's leading voices of soulfulness. Its strong organic sounds touch your roots in its core and the electronic hypnotizing tightness entrance you into a deep state of expressive freedom. All six tracks are guaranteed to get your spirit to dance and both gentlemen succeeded in another endeavor: capturing Melbourne's rich soulful sound on top of thumping bass lines, colorful synths, and melodic adventures in composition.

'Robert St' builds slowly, consistently adding minor layers that keep on enhancing the picture until reaching a state of euphoria. I love the combination of acid-like synths and lush, spacey chords. The right balance of being in the darkest corner of the club, where you bump into the most colorful creature who will make your night a memorable one.

The Steady Weather EP will be released via Darker Than Wax on October 28th.


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James Brown
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