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PREMIERE: Wipe The Needle - 'Hornsey Rise'

UK heavyweight Wipe The Needle returns for another slammin' EP filled with broken beat drums, soulful sounds, and a feel-good boom-bap joint. Confirming his prolific status and continuing the streak of quality EPs. Today we're bringing you the incredible title track!

Lee Gomez aka Wipe The Needle is a prolific producer from London who's been dropping tons of heat on us over the past years. Originally they started out as a duo, Mikael Nybom from Sweden was the other half, with their first release in 2007. At first, the output was mostly house music, but over the years Lee really became a prominent name in the broken beat universe. Just in the past three years alone, he released music via labels such as G.A.M.M., Local Talk, Z Records, Makin Moves, Broadcite, and Dance Regular. I'm sure I still missed something, but you'll get the point. Next to all these fantastic releases, he also constantly drops snippets of work-in-progress via his socials. Make sure to follow him so you'll be in. the loop for the forthcoming newness.

On his new EP for Boogie Cafe, he delivers three brilliant tracks: a fantastic soulful bruk banger named 'Just To Say' featuring Ed Ramsey on vocals. An excellent example of heavy swinging drums being in balance with the soothing, mellow vocals by Ed. The closer track is a laidback boom-bap tune called 'Peace & Love' and features rapper Stan Smith from the US. And then of course the title track 'Hornsey Rise' with all the signature elements in there, such as the changing drum patterns, sizzling synths coming at you from all angles, heavy chords stabbing you in the chest, the ringing alarm (a nod to the Co-Op nights) and an elevating feel that keeps you engaged all the way till the end. Another smash release and if you didn't know Wipe The Needle by now, make sure to keep an eye on his future output. It just never disappoints.

The full 'Hornsey Rise EP' will be out on July 14th and gets released through Boogie Cafe.


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James Brown
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