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Producer Kid Sublime and rising band RADIOHOP teamed up for the concept album 'Kill Your Darlings'

Every music enthusiast knows how eloquent Roots drummer and cultural figure Questlove speaks about the sampling techniques of immortal producer J Dilla and how it influenced the way he, and others, play the drums. The connection between producers and musicians has always been very close but rarely are they on equal footing with each other on a project. Kill Your Darlings brings together this exact concept. Dutch producer Kid Sublime samples and flips records which are then interpreted by Amsterdam-based band of the moment RADIOHOP.

RADIOHOP and Kid Sublime (middle). Picture by Tijmen de Nooy.

Operating within the same local scene, it didn’t take long for RADIOHOP and Kid Sublime to cross paths. Hot off the press that is the Conservatory of Amsterdam, the former set out to dominate the underground jazz scene in Amsterdam, playing and producing together, sitting in with other bands and frequent visitors of club nights and concerts. The latter has been cheffing up records on a consistent basis for over two decades. Crossing paths with each other at those occasions, they were quick to turn towards the studio to align thoughts: too many good phrases, pockets, and progressions.

Kid Sublime sampled beats in his signature style, which RADIOHOP then would interpret. Kill Your Darlings album is the result. As implied, there were way more records and recording sessions, but the key to a good album is extracting the key ideas on a micro level (individual instruments), meso level (the arrangement), and macro level (track selection and order).

Kill Your Darlings is a carefully crafted record where artists so distinct from one another try to see eye to eye with each other’s creative conceptions. From the boom bap beats to the lo-fi hip hop-esque interpretations, the release highlights the strengths of both Kid Sublime as well as RADIOHOP.

Flip the record over and see how the new generation of jazz cats interpret the sampled songs. RADIOHOP return to their beginnings by playing hip hop grooves, this time laid out by Kid Sublime. In the three years of their existence, the band has made immense progression and changes to their style. Neo-Fusion is a staple element to the band’s sound and the last two songs 'Perugia' and 'Acid Butterfly' show the band flexing their contemporary dexterity.

During the 'Kill Your Darlings' recording sessions. Picture by Tijmen de Nooy.

Kill Your Darlings is a project that probably a handful of producers and bands dream of doing, yet we still don't get to see enough of. Luckily for Kid Sublime and RADIOHOP, they managed to succeed in conceptualizing this format.

Thursday, October 5th the two artists will do a special in-store performance showcasing the album at Amsterdam's go-to coffee spot & recordstore Black Gold. Starts at 5pm and the entrance is free!


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James Brown
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