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Mixed Feelings | AEZARYA

A special guest-mix series where DJs are invited to create a soundtrack for tomorrow's days. Next up: Berlin-based AEZARYA.

Every Mixed Feelings podcast is accompanied by a few questions that provide a little insight into the DJ and the mix they've prepared for us and for you.

Which feelings do we find bottled in this mix?

There's a lot of energy coming from the tracks, I'd describe it as exciting, dark and fearless. Raw emotions, a rush of ecstasy, and satisfying sensations.

What message does the music you play convey?

The message should be the emotions you're feeling while listening to it. It should be the visions you have when you close your eyes and hear the sounds of each track. Everyone can perceive a different message from this mixtape.

How is the mix reflecting your current music taste?

Once I start playing the tracks I love, I just go in the direction I feel in the moment. Currently, I've been feeling the desire to play some darker tunes, and some harder tracks. So I decided to integrate some unique Italo disco tracks from one of my favorite artists, as well as some Techno.

Who should release a new album/EP already?

Kendal (Ritmo Fatale) - I started listening to Italo Disco 3 years ago, his EP ''Manifesto'' was the first one I listened to and it stuck with me forever. I've been a huge supporter ever since!

What's magical about music?

It makes you feel emotions, you've never felt before. It makes you want to close your eyes and shift away to a place you'd rather be.

What is your main source for finding new music?

Bandcamp, Social Media, YouTube and its horrible algorithm, Discogs, Apple Music (please don't hate me for this, Spotify streamers)

If the mix would be a soundtrack, what (kind of) movie/video/audio-visual content would support it best?

It would be the movie ''Irreversible''. With Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel and Jo Prestia.

I am super grateful to be a part of this amazing series! Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to play these kinds of tracks in the future, while standing in front of strangers that will all feel the same in the moment! <3



  1. Cuba Trinidad - Bailar La Soca En La Playa (Tucan Discos Edit)

  2. Quarteto Em Cy - Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser (Never Dull's Supergroove Edit)

  3. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - Canoa

  4. Yaeji - raingurl

  5. Robert Clivillés & David Cole - A Deeper Love (A Deeper Love Mix)

  6. DJ Delicious & Till West - Same Man (Original Mix)

  7. Company B - Fascinated (Original Mix)

  8. Curd Cuccini - Laser Night

  9. Daniel Monaco & Futuristant - Summer ’96

  10. Hyboid - Italians and Spacemen

  11. Masalo - Cycles

  12. Kendal & David Carretta - Pastaga

  13. Betonkust & Innershades - Mercy Like

  14. Fabio Vinuesa - Analog Activity

  15. Dave Aju - X17 (Main Mix)

  16. Bonobo - Otomo ft. O'Flynn (Original Mix)


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James Brown
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