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Mixed Feelings | Aram Mukanay

A special guest-mix series where DJs are invited to create a soundtrack for tomorrow's days. Next up: Get launched into a time capsule straight to a dancefloor somewhere in the 80s by this mix of Aram Mukanay. Enjoy and boogie!

Every Mixed Feelings podcast is accompanied by a few questions that provide a little insight into the DJ and the mix they've prepared for us and for you.

Which feelings do we find bottled in this mix?

The mix offers a diverse collection of emotions that can deeply resonate with us and take us on an emotional journey.

What message does the music you play convey?

I strive to convey emotions, inspire people, and foster a sense of connection and joy. Music serves as a universal language that can communicate those emotions that are sometimes challenging to express in words.

How is the mix reflecting your current music taste?

I have a deep love for boogie, dubby disco, and I'm absolutely captivated by the afrosynth sound of the mid-80s as well as the enchanting jazz-funk from Brazil. As you may have already noticed, I harbor a slight obsession for funky bass riffs, including the electrifying slapping bass.

Who should release a new album/EP already?


What's magical about music?

Music possesses a magical power to bring people together, whether familiar or strangers. It enables us to share something intimate and momentarily leave behind the mundane concerns of everyday life.

What is your main source for finding new music?

Bandcamp, YouTube and its horrible algorithm, Discogs.

If the mix would be a soundtrack, what (kind of) movie/video/audio-visual content would support it best?

A film in which the protagonist makes a fascinating journey through continents and envelops the viewer in a boundless musical odyssey, where rhythms blend seamlessly with beautiful landscapes and rich cultures.

I look forward to seeing you soon on the dance floor. Thanks for the invite Steppin' crew!

- Aram Mukanay


  1. Pedrinho Sampaio - Rio Negro

  2. Corky McClerkin - Everything Must Change

  3. Pastor T. L. Barrett - I Shall Wear A Crown

  4. CHOP - Dub Fantasy

  5. Soft Sugar - Swampin (Alternate Mix)

  6. Captain Mosez - Fly Cherry Fly (Extended Vocal)

  7. Francis Inferno Orchestra - A2. Oasis (Erotikk Mix)

  8. Brandi Ifgray - Bones (Vibe Mix)

  9. Embryo - Wajang Woman

  10. Inspiration - Do It (12' Mix)

  11. Ulysse - Naïma (Version)

  12. Starlight - Picnicing

  13. Saâda Bonaire - Little Sister

  14. CLIO - Eyes (Dub Mix)

  15. CHOP - Super Disco

  16. Mind & Matter - Disco Child

  17. Pedrinho Sampaio - Transamazônica


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