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Mixed Feelings Special | Halloween Edition by Leroy Rey

We've asked Leroy Rey to create a special mix, dedicated to Halloween.

Leroy shared the following words with us:

"I naturally gravitate towards such a challenge; before I started, I was thinking about how Wu-Tang's RZA explained he set out Raekwon's "Only Built For Cuban Linx" & GZA's "Liquid Swords" to be movies on wax, like listening to a film.

So there I went, deep into the abyss of my musical subconsciousness and sought out tracks perfectly fittin' the Halloween Theme and segued them together with snippets from interludes that carried that feel as well, in order to make the perfect horror soundtrack for a motion picture to unfold in your head.

Usually, I post a tracklist too, but in this case I feel it would detract from the whole thing, as this needs to be listened in one swoop, to get the whole vibe of what I was aimin' for.

Just place yourself between your speakers, buckle up and by chance get a flashlight, cause where you about to go, it's pitch black...

Happy Halloween!"



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James Brown
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