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Mixed Feelings | ITSWHY

A special guest-mix series where DJs are invited to create a soundtrack for tomorrow's days. Next up: An excellent Broken Beat mix by ITSWHY finding its way from Berlin to your eardrums.

Every Mixed Feelings podcast is accompanied by a few questions that provide a little insight into the DJ and the mix they've prepared for us and for you.

Which feelings do we find bottled in this mix?

A broken beats, nu-jazz mix that contains a smooth mixture of electronic dance music genre characterized by syncopated beats and tense rhythms, heavily influenced by styles such as jazz, funk, and hip hop.

What message does the music you play convey?

Be positive, dance & have a great time.

How is the mix reflecting your current music taste?

I love funk, hip hop & jazz. The genre I chose for the mix contains all of them, plus it's the music I listen to nearly every day.

Who should release a new album/EP already?


What's magical about music?

It brings people together.

What is your main source for finding new music?

Streaming services, Bandcamp, YouTube, and its horrible algorithm.

If the mix would be a soundtrack, what (kind of) movie/video/audio-visual content would support it best?

A documentary about the genre itself.

Keep listening to the music you love & support the people that bring it to you.




1. Jonny Faith - Came To Spray (feat. Taja)

2. Close Counters - SPEAK IN TRUTH

3. Atjazz - All That

4. Atjazz - Touch the Sun (Dzihan & Kamiens Sun Care)

5. Rita T - Galaxy

6. Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Start

7. Lenna Bahule - Eu Quero Ser (New Sector Movements Remix)

8. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Stargazer

9. EVM128 - UK Brukers

10. Karen Ny - Obsession

11. Saul - T - Earth & Rain (Radio Edit)

12. Atjazz - Strike

13. Takuya Kuroda - Fade (KEARL Remix)

14. Dan Kye - Sober

15. Atjazz - Awake we stay

16. Cody Currie- Moves

17. Atjazz - Kidnapped

18. Kaidi Tatham - Rain

19. Duke Hugh - Common Ground (feat. Renato Paris)

20. Kaidi Tatham - DSXSWC


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James Brown
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